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In Business Since 1985

Students of our Technology and Masters of our Trade

In an industry known for turn over, we stand the test of time!

Our goal is to provide and build high quality – low maintenance systems that meet the Broadband communications needs of our clients. 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

We feel the best recommendation for our work is that most often we are only contacted by our customers to upgrade or expand their systems, for new systems at additional locations or when they refer us to associates.

Towers and Dishes.

Company Highlights:

MPEG-1: In the early to mid 1990s began working with MPEG-1 satellite systems. We built & upgraded video networks for FETN, HLIN, LETN, Safeway & others.

Virgin Records: In 1997 built a relationship with Virgin Records. Over the next 5 years we supplied & installed 3 meter agile satellite antennas for 20+ stores.

Charter Schools: In 1998  a design/build CATV forward/reverse path CATV networks with charter school systems in California.

Real Networks: Starting in 1999 built a large antenna farm for Real Networks (24 – 3.8 meter agile & fixed C/KU satellite antennas + 25 antennas from 1.2 to 3 meters).

Swedish Medical Centers: Swedish is the largest healthcare provider in Western Washington ($1B yr). We have been their exclusive integrator since 1999, servicing 8 campuses.

The Boeing Company: In 2001 we began an ongoing  relationship with The Boeing Company. To date we are the exclusive Satellite/Cable TV integrator for Boeing in the Pacific Northwest & Middle – Atlantic regions.

Microsoft: 2007 we built a unique system for Microsoft. We did a design/build  DiSEqC2 system. The system allowed 2500 FTA (Free To Air MPEG-2) receivers to simultaneously look at any of the 8 satellite antennas or 16 polarities installed on the roof. From the research we did this was the largest system of its type in the world. The closest in size was in Dubai @ 1900 receivers.

T-Mobile: 2008, We developed a relationship with T-Mobile. We are exclusive to T-Mobile for their nationwide Satellite TV support.

From  1984 to present we’ve done projects for broadcast TV & radio, corporate campuses, hospitality, healthcare & more.

Fisher Broadcasting: In 1999 we expanded their West Plaza satcom by installing 2 – 3.8 meter & 2 – 5 meter agile C/KU Band agile antenna systems.

HDTV: Since 1999 we have built numerous HDTV systems for healthcare & hospitality. Our largest system has a 52 channel HDTV head end & our largest facility has 700 TVs.

Our Team
Our Team