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We are Students of our Technology and Masters of our trade

Reception, distribution and formats of all Broadband Technology is an ever evolving and growing field.  Just like with all electronics, what was state of the art yesterday is old news today!

Keeping abreast of all the developing formats, the latest equipment and the newest methods is a never ending job.  Understanding and knowledge of all the technological advancements that led up to today gives us a depth of understanding in our field that few can match.

Since 1985 Antenna & Satellite Technology Inc has designed, engineered, installed, serviced and maintained all types of antenna & distribution systems.  

Weekly Spotlight: Digital Local Television

Many of the systems we install combine satellite dish antenna reception with Local Television antennas.  

There are several advantages to this.  First is redundancy.  If the satellite system goes out (or someone misses the bill), the site still has television and local news.

Digital Local Television also offers the advantage of no monthly programming costs.  Once the installation is complete, your costs are done.  Most broadcasters offer several channels per stream with excellent variety in content, and of course local news.


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An antenna array in Downtown Seattle.

Dishes on Non-penetrating roof mounts

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